I, the undersigned, hereby grant permission to Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited its assigns, successors, affiliates and to other such persons and entities as Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited may designate from time to time (collectively known as the “Licensees”), to use any films, photographs, statements and sound recordings made of me or provided by me or made by the Licensees, with or without my name, contact information (including phone number and social media account username), biographical information and/or any other information or attribute identifying and/or otherwise associated with me (collectively, “Persona”), in the advertising campaign known as  “Hustle On” in any and all media, or for any other purpose whatsoever.

I confirm that I am over 18 years old and am duly authorized to enter into this Agreement and that I am not restricted by any commitments to any of Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited successors, affiliates, Licensees, competitors or any third parties. I grant permission to Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited to verify the accuracy of any claims made in my submission or about my Persona before and during the Hustle On campaign

I also grant to Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited its successors, assigns, affiliates,  and Licensees   the absolute right and permission to copyright and/or use and/or publish, exhibit, display, broadcast or print and publish the same in advertising or other lawful purposes all photographs, motion pictures, photographic negatives, prints of every kind and nature or any other type of recording, and all illustrations, pictures, designs, paintings and drawings, and drawings of every kind and nature wherein I have acted as model or talent for said company, in which I may be included in whole or in part, made through any media, without inspection or approval of the finished product or use to which it may be applied. 

I agree that I will fully indemnify and not hold Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited its successors, assigns, affiliates and Licensees or anyone who receives permission from any of them, responsible for any liability resulting from the use of my Persona (including, without limitation, what might be deemed to be a misrepresentation of me, my character or my person, any claim based on infringement, invasion of privacy, portrayal in false light, defamation or right of publicity) in accordance with the terms of this release.

I shall not during and even after the expiration of this Agreement, make or authorize any public statement concerning this Agreement or Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited product or advertising without the prior written consent, shall not make any mention of Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited and its  Licensees or any of their products or services in a derogatory manner and I shall not use or disclose any of their trade secrets or confidential information. I represent and warrant that any statements given by me regarding my Persona are true and accurate and am aware that there will be no payment, products or services in lieu of payment which are due to me under this Agreement and that all statements made are of my own free will.

I confirm that I have not been convicted of a crime, am the subject of a criminal investigation or any fraudulent activity and that should Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited or its assigns, affiliates or Licensees become aware of any such activity this will result in immediate termination of this Agreement. Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited reserves the right to discontinue use of your submission without notice if it becomes aware that you are in violation of any of the terms of this Agreement.

I further release Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited its assigns, successors, affiliates, or Licensees from any liability for what might deem misrepresentation of me by virtue of alterations, optical illusion or faulty mechanical reproduction. I hereby agree that the contractual duration is 36 months from the first date of public use, which shall be subject to change by Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited without notice  and the Licensees may use my image, likeness and any type of recording of me, with or without my name, contact information (including phone number and social media username) and Persona, for that duration in any media now known or hereafter developed.